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Last updated: 03:12 GMT, 18 February 2021

Boris Johnson urged to lift lockdown sooner after saying might be no return to normality

The Prime Minister (pictured on Wednesday in Wales) is facing a growing backlash from business chiefs and MPs, concerned over the impact of lockdown on firms across the country. The vaccine rollout has helped slash the number of deaths (demonstrated in a graph, bottom-right) and infections (demonstrated in a graph, top-right), which have plummeted by more than two thirds since January (demonstrated in a graph, left), but Mr Johnson is being regularly reminded of the social cost of restrictions. Mark Woolhouse, an Edinburgh University expert in infectious disease, told MPs yesterday that 'if you're driven by the data and not by dates, right now, you should be looking at earlier unlocking'. Steve Baker, a member of the 70-strong anti-lockdown Covid Recovery Group of Tory MPs, used the professor's comments to pile further pressure on the PM to accelerate his plans. He said: 'Boris Johnson today rightly confirmed he will focus on 'data, not dates' for easing restrictions as our recent letter suggested. As Professor Woolhouse, a senior government scientific adviser, says, the data are looking so good that Britain may open earlier.' The Mail revealed yesterday that – under a blueprint discussed with industry chiefs – the hospitality, holiday and leisure sectors might not return to normal until July. The Prime Minister appeared to confirm a cautious timetable, saying he would take a 'prudent' approach and suggesting that pubs and restaurants would be among the last places to reopen.?

Parents will be told to test their teenage children for Covid TWICE a week when schools

The UK government is expected to launch the plan for secondary school students during term time (left) amid a phased return to the classroom. Education unions have also agreed with ministers for institutions to mass test once - at the beginning of term. It comes as reports said secondary pupils will have to wear masks (right) when not in their class 'bubbles' once schools reopen.

The number of applications to study nursing rose by 32 per cent this year to a total of 60,130, according to UCAS but experts warn it will not be enough to fill all available vacancies.

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Demi suffered THREE strokes and a heart attack
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The last new tax proposed by an economist was the poll tax. That didn't end well. So it is with trepidation that I put forward suggestions for Chancellor Rushi Sunak's March 3 budget.

Stephen Reed had attempted to make up with the former Voice of an Angel child star, 34, who he walked out on when she was just two, but was unable to it was revealed on Wednesday.

A laboratory study suggests that the South African variant of the coronavirus may reduce antibody protection from the Pfizer Inc/BioNTech SE vaccine by two-thirds, the companies said.

JOHN HUMPHRYS: So Meghan, what part of 'royal duties' didn't you understand?

JOHN HUMPHRYS: Yes, I know they have agreed to do an interview with the American superstar Oprah Winfrey and the deal, according to a reliable source, was that nothing would be off limits. Many believe it has already happened and it is scheduled to run on U.S. television early next month. But I'm available to fly out to California at the drop of a tiara and, moreover, I am prepared to break the rule all self-respecting interviewers hold as sacred: never tell your interviewees in advance what you plan to ask them. So what follows is a rough outline of the interview I have in mind. You, dear reader, may feel that some of my questions are just a little hostile, but I'm pretty sure that both Harry and Meghan -especially Megs, bless her - will see this as an opportunity to deal with all those critics who have been judging them so harshly ever since they announced they were planning to strike out on their own. So here we go...

Prince Harry would still be allowed to wear his military medals, including his?Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan, but could be prevented from wearing his uniforms.

Republic published the 'trailer' on its YouTube page featuring?Prince Andrew, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding, the Queen and Prince Charles.

Prince Philip, 99, admitted to hospital after feeling 'unwell'

Prince Philip (bottom, in August), 99, was last night taken to the private King Edward VII's Hospital in Marylebone as a 'precautionary measure' on the advice of his doctor. The typically jovial Duke is said to be in 'good spirits' and walked into the hospital unaided after being driven there by car. The decision to admit him was taken with an 'abundance of caution' and the Queen (top, together in November), 94, has remained at Windsor Castle and today pressed ahead with her duties by receiving a Royal Naval update from the First Sea Lord (inset). His illness is not Covid-related and comes after it was announced on January 9 the royal couple had received their first doses of the vaccine, because their old age put them in one of the high-risk categories.?

Father-of-two, 29, runs off with his girlfriend's MOTHER, 44

Jess Aldridge ,24, (with boyfriend?Ryan Shelton, left, with mother Georgina, right and with son Reuben, inset) was expecting her second child with boyfriend?Ryan Shelton, 29, when the pair decided to move in with her mother Georgina, 44, in Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire. However just days after giving birth to her son Reuben, Ms Aldridge discovered her mother and boyfriend had?moved into a new home 30 miles away. The 'heartbroken' daughter described the moment as a 'huge kick in the teeth' and claimed that neither her mother or Ryan have apologised to her.

Inbaal Honigman, 46, from West Yorkshire, sees astrology as a key to understanding her child and being a good parent. And she's not alone, as 'babystrology' has quickly become a budding trend.

One per cent of the British population identities as trans or non-binary. Bel Mooney argues if the effort to 'cancel' womanhood continues, we will see an undermining of freedoms women have achieved.

Spain and US 'will be next to go on the red list' of countries

Passengers (pictured at Heathrow, top) arriving from Spain and the US could soon be added to the UK's 'red list' of countries as officials at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)?consider the risk of new variants from the two countries. The Cabinet Covid Operations Committee will make their decision using?evidence from the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC). It comes as passengers shut in hotel quarantine after arriving from the UK began to reach desperate levels (centre inset), posting notes (right inset) at their windows and begging to leave their accommodation. All arrivals in England from the 33 banned countries must book government-approved accommodation at an initial cost of £1,750 under a scheme that came into force on Monday. But the strain of being stuck inside seemed to be taking its toll on some of the enforced hotel residents (passengers being escorted to their hotels, left inset).

EXCLUSIVE: All direct flights between the United Kingdom and Albania have been suspended since December 22, with anyone travelling to the country via another route required to self-isolate on their return.

A report by the Resolution Foundation estimates that 1.9 million people were unable to work for at least six months after losing their jobs or being furloughed during the pandemic.

Scientists running the Covid symptom tracking app said that after a five-week period of sustained drops in UK infections, there had been a 'hitch' in the data, with case 'starting to trend up again'.

The impact of lockdown in the UK goes far beyond merely controlling the virus, with the negative effects seeping into almost every area of life.

Coronavirus infections in England plummet by 60% in January and February, study finds

The official REACT study, run by Imperial College London, found the proportion of people testing positive for coronavirus fell from one in 64 to one in 196 (shown left, a graph depicting the percentage of people testing positive for Covid). On what the findings - among the most promising that have been published so far during the second wave - meant for easing lockdown, author of the study Professor Paul Elliott said: 'It's really encouraging news... But the actual prevalence is still very high. We're only back where we were in September and, clearly, we want to be back where we were in August.' (Map right shows the prevalence coming down in all regions of England in the past six weeks, with lower case counts shown in paler colours; and, graph right, the R rate is the lowest it has been for months).

Professor Dame Angela McLean - chief scientific adviser to the Ministry of Defence and a member of Sage - said that a 'sensible discussion' was needed about a tolerable level of risk from Covid.

A source told the Daily Mail that Dominic Cummings urged Boris Johnson to scrap the Sage committee last year over an alleged culture of lobbying and leaking by pro-lockdown advisers.

STEPHEN GLOVER: The quiet heroes who put the touchy and self-pitying moaners to shame?

STEPHEN GLOVER: There's a widely held belief in the world that we have a human right to feel sorry for ourselves, and that particularly during the pandemic we should be allowed to let rip. So Jeremy Mayhew (inset), a member of the City of London's governing body, has committed a cardinal sin. It was to tell staff at the Barbican Arts Centre not to 'feel too sorry' for themselves. Meanwhile, Bill Michael (pictured) resigned last week as boss of the accountancy firm KPMG after telling well-paid staff in a Zoom meeting that they were 'lucky'.

TikTok users recently uncovered a bewildering 1983 CIA report which describes the agency's belief that humans can transcend space and time using the Gateway Experience.

Cotoneaster, a common hedge plant, was found to absorb more pollution than other similar shrubs, according to the Royal Horticultural Society.

While the numbers are small, cow's milk was responsible for 26% of food allergy deaths in school-aged children, experts said.

Rolex gang blew £90,000 after bank insider leaked customer details

Bilal Abbas, who worked for Santander's anti-fraud unit, stole the confidential details and passed them on as part of a £90,000 racket, Newcastle Crown Court heard on Wednesday. Abbas, 30 (top-right inset) and his accomplices Umair Memon (left), 28, and Jordan Hamilton-Thomas (centre), 32, were jailed for a total of six years and seven month after admitting conspiracy to defraud. The court heard the men used the details of 21 customers and targeted 13 UK businesses. The scam was uncovered in April 2018 when a member of staff at David Summerfield jewellers, in Newcastle's Metrocentre shopping centre, called police. The group flaunted wads of cash and even pouring Laurent Perrier pink champagne and vodka over Rolex watches (pictured bottom insets).

The sculptor, who was one of the museum's trustees from 2007 to 2015, also called for the institution to detach from its 'obsession with the classical world'. Pictured: The Elgin Marbles.

Average height for women in the UK is 5ft 3in. Emily Hill, 38, has spoken of the challenges of being 4 ft 11? in, but Sarah Ivens, 45, who is 6ft, has insisted that life is no easier at the other end of the spectrum.

The new plans will be set out in a new Electoral Integrity Bill which will be announced in the Queen's speech in spring in a bid to get rid of electoral fraud.

Dubai has a dark secret of medieval injustice... the princess is only the start, writes

GUY ADAMS: When Radha Stirling first heard that a colleague called Cat Le-Huy had been arrested by immigration officials in Dubai, she assumed it was all a big mistake. Her chum, a London-based producer with whom she worked at the TV production company Endemol, had been initially detained because an unidentified bottle of pills was found in his suitcase. After they turned out to be melatonin, a perfectly legal jetlag medication, customs staff announced with a flourish that they had also discovered cannabis among some dust in the depths of the holidaymaker's bag. The quantity of this illegal narcotic was, they claimed, exactly 0.03 grams. That's an amount smaller than a single grain of salt and virtually invisible to the human eye. Cat, who hails from Belsize Park, North London, was promptly slapped in handcuffs and transported to the Al Wathba prison, 40 miles north of the airport. Radha, who is 42, knew that her chum did not take recreational drugs so, initially, thought he would be promptly released. But she was wrong. Instead, she was told to her horror that he faced a four-year prison sentence for 'drug possession'. Pictured left: Love Island star Laura Anderson in Dubai last year. Top right: Princess Latifa. Bottom right: Cat Le-Huy. Bottom centre: Sheikh al--Maktoum.

Jennifer Barton has taken her mother's eccentric clothes out of storage and has started wearing them as a way to help her come to terms with her grief after losing her mother 15 years ago.

Rush Limbaugh, the radio icon and 'voice of American conservatism', died on Wednesday, aged 70, following his year-long battle with lung cancer.

Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor sizzles in lingerie as she puts on a sultry display for a

The Bridgerton actress, 25, exuded confidence as she posed up a storm in a nude lace Gucci bra (left) before slipping into an edgy semi-sheer crop top and skirt set (right) for another sultry shot with French digital magazine L'Officiel. Phoebe, who plays Daphne in the Netflix hit (top inset with co-star Regé-Jean Page) exuded confidence as she worked all of her angles during the shoot (inset bottom her cover image) and flaunted her sensational physique. The star also seemed to be dropping hints that she's returning to filming for the Netflix series as she sported copper locks, just like flame-haired debutante Daphne.

Demi Lovato reveals she had 'THREE strokes, a heart attack and now has brain damage' as result of near-fatal 2018 drug overdose... in trailer for tell-all documentary

Demi Lovato will speak openly about her near-fatal 2018 overdose in her upcoming YouTube documentary series Dancing With The Devil, which premieres March 23. And the singer, 28, revealed the extent of the trauma she endured as a result of the overdose in the latest trailer for?Dancing With The Devil on Wednesday. 'I had three strokes. I had a heart attack. My doctors said that I had five to 10 more minutes,' said Lovato stoically during a confessional for the four-part series.

The Race Trust faced a furious backlash after a tweet branding mixed-race political pundit Calvin Robinson, who is of Afro-Caribbean descent, a 'house n***o'.

The company will pay out £6.5bn, equal to 400p per share, after a surge in the price of steelmaking ingredient iron ore boosted profits by more than a third.

'Jackie Weaver wouldn't put up with this!' New Zoom call chaos at Handforth Parish Council as barking dogs, Japanese music and bickering see their latest meeting descend into farce

Councillors of Handforth Parish Council?clashed once again and members of the public were removed for heckling them just months after the last meeting descended into a chaotic trail of disorder. During tonight's meeting, Chairman Brian Tolver, who was evicted out of the last meeting along with vice-chairman Aled Brewerton, said Jackie Weaver 'had no right to exclude him however much she disliked his point'. Japanese music also played out and dogs barked as the councillors argued over voting on the agenda. The chaotic scenes come after meeting co-ordinator Jackie Weaver, 62, turned into an overnight sensation and earned plaudits for the way she handled her fellow parishioners in the planning meeting in Cheshire town.

Downing Street said he would be a 'full member of Cabinet' in his new role, which comes just weeks after the Prime Minister axed plans to make him the National Security Adviser.

The rules - that came into force on January 1 as part of the Northern Ireland protocol - states plants cannot be imported into Northern Ireland if they have soil on their roots, or have been grown in soil.

Are robovacs for suckers? Tanith Cary tries out a selection of the machines

Tanith Carey (left) has tried out a selection of robovacs from?£90 to £800 (all pictured right) in her 240 sq ft kitchen and shares her verdict about how well the machines performed - from price and speed to effectiveness. She reveals how often each robovac got stuck while cleaning her kitchen, as well as how long they took to get the job done.

Bus driver, 24, 'constantly told by male passengers' that she is 'too pretty' for her job

Jodie Leigh Fox (pictured left) from Brentwood, Essex, landed her dream job driving buses (pictured right) three years ago after seeing an advert on the back of one of the public transport vehicles. But the former carer says she is constantly questioned about her appearance by passengers, including men who tell her she is 'too pretty to become a bus driver'. The 24-year-old is hoping to fight the stereotypical image normally associated with bus drivers by posting videos about her job on Tik Tok and plans to drive buses into her old age.

Sir Keir Starmer will address claims he is not up to the job of prime minister in a major speech today setting out his vision for the country and vowing to rebuild the UK after the pandemic.

Rishi Sunak and Marcus Rashford have been included in Time magazine's list of 100 young 'emerging leaders' alongside other stars such as Dua Lipa and Florence Pugh.

A woman and a younger female were not believed to be seriously injured after the 'collapse' of a property close to Summerseat Garden Centre in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester.

Pet-breeder Tony Cronin had been searching for his two litters of puppies and five spaniels when he received a tip-off about one location in Carmarthenshire, west Wales.

House of Hanover goes to war with itself as distant cousin of the Queen sues his own son

Ernst August, the prince of Hanover and distant cousin of the Queen is suing his son - also called?Ernst August - years after he gave him Marienburg castle (pictured), a mansion in Hanover and the nearby Calenberg estate in the mid-2000s. The younger?Ernst August,?the Duke of Braunschweig and Lüneberg, has since sold off part of the?Calenberg estate and in 2018 announced that he was selling the castle to the government for a symbolic?€1. However, the 37-year-old's intentions weren't completely altruistic, with the move being seen as a way to offload the castle - visited by 200,000 people a year - that required renovations estimated to cost?€27 million.

A coalition of charities banded together to write an open letter to Boris Johnson calling on him to allow visits to care homes by relatives from the beginning of March 'for the sake of humanity'.

A UK All-party Parliamentary Group said failure to provide lucrative grants could create 'ghost towns' across the country and hinder the wider economic recovery.

According to reports on Wednesday, the actor's stuntman and his bubble have to now isolate for ten days, making it the third time coronavirus has impacted production.

Christa D'Souza discusses a study reporting that the old and the obese are more likely to exhale more infectious particles than those who are younger and thinner.

More than two fifths (41 per cent) of those questioned in a survey by the Nationwide Building Society have put money into savings after cancelling plans such as holidays or nights out.

Pictures have emerged of Victoria Beckham's sister Louise Adams working as a supervisor ushering cars at a Covid testing centre in Essex. The 44-year-old can be seen weaing a hi-vis jacket at the test site.

Researchers compared the DNA of 2,200 Covid-19 patients from around the world with the genomes of three Neanderthals that lived 50,000, 70,000 and 120,000 years ago.

The 'human challenge trial' will start next month in London after sealing approval from the UK's clinical research ethics body today.

Air Force Major General Jeff Taliaferro told Congress on Wednesday that 'very early data' suggests that just up to two-thirds of the service members offered the vaccine have accepted.



How to be a jeans genius: Here's how to find the perfect style to flatter every shape

Prue White has been devoted to skinny jeans since buying a pair of Topshop's 'The Baxter' in 2005. At the peak of their popularity 18,000 pairs were sold a week. The UK-based style expert shares advice as wide legs, flares and bootcut jeans becomes the trend for 2021 and picks out a selection of styles (pictured) to flatter every body shape.

Dekel Berenson, 41, said the Israeli government's Covid response was 'abysmal' and insisted he should have been allowed to quarantine at his own home instead of the £240 a night hotel in Tel Aviv.

Protesters?fighting against a road tunnel near Stonehenge will have their day in court. The campaigners say the £1.7billion revamp of the A303 in Wiltshire could harm the historic site.

CRAIG BROWN: Some professions are best suited to the young. The comparatively recent profession of disc jockey was designed for young men or, much more rarely, women in their 20s.

Framed for sickening crimes, a young Indian turned to the creator of Sherlock Holmes

SHRABANI BASU: The year was 1907, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (left) was sitting at his desk when his secretary brought in a bulky package. Inside was a letter from a convicted criminal and a clutch of newspaper cuttings. It wasn't hard to guess what the man wanted. Ever since creating the master detective Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle had been bombarded with requests to solve crimes - from burglaries to murders - all of which he'd turned down. This particular note was from a man called George Edalji (top right) - the so-called 'Wyrley Ripper' - who'd been jailed for seven years for mutilating horses and writing threatening letters. His father Shapurji, a Christian convert from India, had become the first ever South Asian vicar in England when he moved to Great Wyrley (bottom right) with his white English wife.

An anonymous UK-based woman, 49, asked for advice on getting her sex drive back. She explained that her libido has gone in the past year, despite being happily married for 20 years.

Jenni Murray was age 20, when Carole King released her album Tapestry in 1971. UK-based columnist explores how each song has remained relevant throughout her life.

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: I can reveal that the elite club, in the exclusive Swiss resort of St Moritz, has been shocked by an extraordinary outburst.

Many women across the UK have struggled to get contraception in the past year. Dr Max Pemberton and Dr Shahzadi Harper debate if the Pill should become an over-the-counter service.

Research shows that one of the most enjoyed subjects for making small talk is what we've been watching on television while movies, our children and pets also ranked highly.

Amazon's crowdfunding site Build It only makes products if they meet their preorder goals. The first projects are a smart scale, a thermal sticky-note printer and an Alexa-powered cuckoo clock

Greta Thunberg releases satirical Mars tourism ad for richest 'one percent to start again on an untainted planet' and leave the rest of us to 'fix climate change'

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg released a a satirical tourism ad for Mars that pokes fun at the billions of dollars being used for space travel when Earth is suffering from climate change. The video is aimed at the 'one percent,' suggesting this group should escape from Earth and leave the 99 percent to stay and fix climate change.

Cladding placed on the outside of Grenfell Tower failed a 'disastrous' fire test before it was installed on the West London apartment block, but the certifiers were never told about the test's results.

A safety expert said 'a whole bunch of ridiculous things' had been used to justify the building height cut-off, meaning hundreds of thousands of UK leaseholders are barred from government funds.

Texas blackouts can be seen from SPACE as state braces for another round of snow and governor demands natural gas companies sell ALL fuel to its power plants

More than 3million people in Texas are still without power in subzero temperatures for the fourth day in a row, according to data - and for the vast majority, it is because of forced blackouts by energy agency ERCOT. Texas has buckled so much so that Beto O'Rourke said on Wednesday that it was a near 'failed state'. Every other state in the storm's path has been able to withstand it because they operate on a shared power source which means that if one state's supply goes down, it can draw from the shared reserve. Now Texans want to know why they weren't properly prepared, especially after a similar storm in 2011. Gov. Abbott on Wednesday told the state's?natural gas producers to sell the fuel to in-state power generators.

Camilla Ridley-Day shares advice for embracing this season's coloured stripes trend at any occasion. The British style expert also picked out a selection of the best pieces available from online stores.

Every week, FEMAIL sends two UK-based singletons on a virtual blind date and asks them to report back. Solutions architect Joanna, 31, and technical lead Dan, 31, shared their experience.

The?gold bullion dealer, 39, is accused of threatening PC Richard Harper in or near his £3.9million home in well-heeled Knightsbridge, West London, on June 22 last year.

The ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that was posted on Alexei Navalny's website on Wednesday demands that Russia set him free immediately.

The accident happened Tuesday in Tarasp in southeastern Switzerland when the boy and his father were both inside the igloo. The father escaped, but the boy succumbed to his injuries.

Banksy hula-hooping girl art removed from Nottingham wall and sold

A Banksy artwork has been removed from a wall in Nottingham after being sold to a collector. The image, of a girl hula hooping with a bike tyre, appeared on a wall on the corner of Rothesay Avenue in Lenton in October and was quickly confirmed as a Banksy by the artist himself. The artwork was seen being cut from the brick wall around 05:00GMT on Wednesday. Art collector John Brandler said he spent 'a six-figure sum' on the mural, telling the PA news agency that he plans to have it restored and moved to a museum in Suffolk. Brandler said the painting had formed mould within its protective plastic casing that was later put up and that his purchasing the mural had saved it from a 'death sentence'. Some local residents have expressed sadness at the removal of the artwork.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, 63, and his two brothers, Mohammed Tariq, 65, and Mohammed Farouq, 70, are accused of sexually abusing a boy in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Rotterham.

The golden eagle was found dead in Abergwesyn Valley near Tregaron, Powys, by a walker last summer after surviving around 12 years swooping the remote valleys and hills of Wales.

The Nassau County Police Department announced on the arrest of Charles Polevich, 71, in the hit-and-run crash that claimed the life of Robert Maraj, Nicki Minaj's father, in Mineola, New York.

Chilling CCTV shows two thugs follow frail pensioner, 69, on mobility scooter from pub to his home where they beat and robbed him then left him to die - as both are jailed for life for his murder

Robert Morrison (left and inset), 69, who needed a mobility scooter to get about, died in hospital six days after being violently beaten at home in Kings Heath, Birmingham, on December 10, 2018. He succumbed to pneumonia brought on by the assault, which had left him with three broken ribs and bruising over his face and body. Ian Knowles and Ismaila Mohamed (right), both 20, were convicted of the killing by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court after a trial in January, and sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday.

An unnamed Thai man endured a painful hour-long operation to have a metal nut removed from his penis after he had tried to use the ring to enlarge it ahead of a Valentine's Day date in Bangkok.

Lady Clementine Medina Marks, 53, the wife of Lib Dem peer Lord Marks, has narrowly avoided a driving ban at Wimbledon Magistrates' after she was caught speeding twice in five months.

Cancel womanhood


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Young woman who struggled with 'severe' cystic acne for years reveals how she cleared her

A young Australian woman who battled 'severe' cystic acne for five years has revealed how she cleared her skin within six months with the help of three 'miracle' products' (right, before and after). Monique swapped out all of the 'expensive' skincare she used to rely on, and replaced her moisturisers and serums with three products from the Australian inner beauty range The Beauty Chef - with incredible results. The Beauty Chef was founded in 2009 by Carla Oates (left) from Sydney,?after Carla healed her own family's skin issues and discovered that beautiful glowing skin begins with a healthy gut.

Amy Kester gives her verdict on a selection of the best boots to look stylish in during the chilly winter months. She was impressed by the Muck Boot Company and Le Chameau's choices.

The eruption at the southeastern crater of the Sicilian mountain began late on Tuesday afternoon and sent columns of ash rising more than 3,000ft into the air.

Buffalo Bill, Teddy Roosevelt and the gold rush are brought to life in restored

The spirit of the Wild West has been brought back to life through a series of historical photographs which have been colourised for the first time in a new book. The Wild West in Color: A photographic Account of our Nation's Westward Expansion has been produced by John C. Guntzelman and published by Crestline Books. The new book features more than 200 historical pictures which have been colourised for the very first time - bringing the history of the Wild West into the present day. Pictured: Belle Starr, on her horse in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1886 (top left), frontierswoman Augusta Higgins Farnham in Farnham, Denver, Colorado, in 1898 (top middle), a group of people travelling to a bathhouse in Dakota Territory, 1889 (top right). Theodore Roosevelt dressed in hunting gear in 1885 (bottom left), a cowboy atop his horse in Sturgis, Dakota Territory, 1888 (bottom middle) and three mine Gould & Curry silver mine workers in 1866 (bottom right).


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Horrific moment US barber stabs himself in the chest with his own scissors after tripping over in freak accident before being rushed to hospital for open heart surgery

Steve Silva had been walking with the scissors while doing a cut at the Boston Barber & Tattoo Company when he stumbled Friday, video shows. Staff rush to help him as he struggles to get up, realizing that he has stabbed himself with the scissors. The owner of the barshop, Robert Dello Russo, said that Silva was lucky to be alive. Dello Russo explained to CBS Boston that Silva was transported to Massachusetts General where he had to undergo open-heart surgery after piercing through an artery. 'From what I understand, if it had been an inch to the left of the right, he would have been gone,' Dello Russo said.

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews BBC2's Inside the Zoo and Wartime Britain: Keep Calm & Carry On on Channel 5 in which a family attempt to recreate life under rationing.

This is the moment?Sofia Shafigullin, seven, was filmed by her father Eduard, 36, at his ostrich farm in Bugulma, Tatarstan, Russia.

White swan is dyed BLACK by 'unknown substance'

The mute swan (pictured) was rescued from the water in?Westbury, Wiltshire, and inspectors have since launched a probe to find out whether it was a deliberate attack. The swan, which was covered in a black powdery substance,?was taken to RSPCA West Hatch where staff said it will take 'quite a lot of Fairy Liquid to get it clean'. RSPCA Inspector Steph Daly said: 'I was horrified because it looked like a black swan. We're still really baffled as to what this substance is.' Inset, RSPCA inspectors clean the bird.



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